Feel-good fashion for professionals

For nearly 15 years, feel better than good has been presenting collections fashioned in the finest European-made microfibre, since 2022 ECONYL® a high-quality, regenerated and recyclable  Polyamid with Elastan. Breathable, crease-resistant, easy-care and it even provides protection from ultraviolet rays.

The cuts hold their shape; the fabric and colour are consistent in quality and durable, like our credo of environmental integrity. Our supply chain is based on a sustainable concept: we do not produce to maintain an inventory, but in response to your precise requirements.

Mix & Match

Mix & Match is both a mantra and part of the programme at feel better than good. It enables us to help you put together a personal plan, tailored to your requirements and house style.

Whether it’s for staff in reception, gastronomy, housekeeping, treatment, fitness or cosmetics, we have the perfect model for individual team members, as well as for the team as an integrated, visually harmonious whole.

Please click on the individual models for each group to see a detailed image of the cut and look.




Lena & June

Bijou & Lounge



Beth & June

Alpine Chic

1001 & Lychee

Gelati & Lounge