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Dear Ladies

Over the past year, I have had plenty of time to think about many things. I found it both demanding and refreshing to look back at what has been. It gave rise to resolutions, dreams and ideas, and also the wish to portray the passion of almost 25 years’ creative work in my own pictures. 

What flatters us, what we love, is always in vogue
My focus is always on styling every one of you individually, to bring out the best in you through fashion. It’s good to play with our taste and perception because it’s always the right time to be dressed in style.

Get into spring with body and soul
That wonderful time of the year when we breathe a sigh of relief and blossom again is already upon us. As a balm to the soul, I have extended my range and palette of colours by adding fuchsia, red pepper and off-white to my Micro-Plissé Collection.

You will find an attractive series of refined styles and classics in limited editions that combine beautifully with my timeless Basics and Highlights Collections whatever the season. Comfortable to wear, flattering and easy-care. And as you know, produced for years now with an eye to sustainability: Made in Switzerland, Italy and Germany.

Private shopping
You can get personal advice at my shop in the Seefeld district of Zurich, a tranquil and safe space for up to four clients at a time. Mail me at or phone 044 361 95 59 to arrange an appointment.

Or order online: simply send your wish list to so I can advise you personally by phone and send you the appropriate items. That way we can work together to find an eco-friendly solution tailored to your needs.

See you soon & best regards

Andrea Welti

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