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Dear Ladies

We live in interesting times ... In a world that seems to get madder by the day, we need to find space and scope to be ourselves, to be imaginative and inventive. My mission is to create fashion that makes us feel good, at ease in our skin, whatever stage of life we're in.

Spring and summer are drawing near, a time of regrowth and plenty. To greet their arrival, I've added new models to my Basics collection, offering a fabulous choice just tailor-made for your wardrobe.

Click on the new navigation tabs on my website to find out more. Good to know has interesting facts about the sustainability aspects of the label. While Mix & Match offers hints on combining styles to create a versatile mix suitable for a simply perfect weekend away or business trip, sporting activities and hikes included.

The season's nouveautés will be available from mid-March onwards. Many other styles are already waiting for you in the first rays of spring sun.

See you soon!

All the best,

feel better than good

Andrea Welti



Photography Karine & Oliver, www.karine-oliver.com
Shoes Leder-Asper, Zurich
Jewellery Zoé, Zurich