Mix & Match

is a mantra and part of the programme at feel better than good


For any mood and occasion, I can show you how to shine in the moment and stay on top of the everyday fashion challenge by mixing and matching a few subtle styles: by day or by night, on the move or at your leisure.

The combinations to the left

Biker Betsy with our pencil skirt Camille, Biker Betsy combined with tuxedo chic blouse Claire India and Twiggy pants. Ideal for your business stop-over and out on the town, light as a feather with hand luggage.

3 styles to combine our dress Lize with blazer coat Chris and Biker Betsy. A mini wardrobe for your hand luggage and business and leisure trip. Just add Twiggy pants of the collection and you're off to your destination.

Click on this link and the following pictures to see some styling suggestions.


Mix & Match

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