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Dear Ladies

Cast your spell with the enchantment of evening wear in everyday life. If not today, maybe tomorrow. With refined touches to suit any mood and occasion, I can show you how to shine in the moment and stay on top of the everyday fashion challenge by mixing and matching a few subtle styles: by day or by night, on the move or at your leisure.

The cooler season of the year is here and so it's time for the latest edition of my Basics Collection, with a rich choice of new models tailored to your own personal wardrobe:

Some much-loved label classics now await your pleasure in textured microfibre: Kate is an A-form dress that subtly emphasizes the shoulder area and legs, while elegantly clothing the figure in between in teasing, swaying box pleats around the back. Greta is quite the opposite, accentuating the feminine silhouette in a soft and graceful embrace – no ifs no buts. High time to put Laurence back in the field, a model from the earliest beginnings of my label that many of you have seen, worn or even collected in a variety of fabrics and colours ...

Claire India is a new highlight: a blouse in an Italian plissé stretch, fashioned in cotton and polyamide, with a bold hint of a feminine style of dress shirt.

I look forward to celebrating a colourful autumn season with you!

All the best

feel better than good

Andrea Welti



Photography Karine & Oliver, www.karine-oliver.com
Shoes Leder-Asper, Zurich
Gloves Cornelia James London, www.corneliajames.com
Jewellery Zoé, Zurich