feel better than good - Winter 2020/2021

That certain something

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Dear Ladies

One of my great pleasures in creating feminine fashion is to flatter each one of you individually with subtle cuts in the finest feel-good quality. And to offer personal advice tailored to your specific needs. There is a kind of magic in the interaction between wearer, cut, material and styling which creates that certain something.

My label's latest offering is a small and beautifully designed collection in limited edition that spans the seasons. A wonderful addition to any wardrobe, the garments are fashioned from premium-quality Austrian microfibre, textured with a fine plissé structure that is both soft and long-lasting, and all bear the hallmark Made in Germany.

Chic models for every day, in the home office, for business or evenings out. Perfect travel companions that are equally at home on the yoga mat or when you're chilling out. Comfortable to wear and easy-care as always, this season in black and midnight blue, suitable for the cooler months of the year.

Here's to a cosy and contemplative autumn full of good things!


feel better than good

Andrea Welti



Photography Karine & Oliver, www.karine-oliver.com
Shoes Leder-Asper, Zurich
Jewellery Zoé, Zurich