Dear Customers

Do we women really need to re-invent ourselves every season? Our lives are complicated as it is, and it's hard enough sticking to what we believe in and staying true to ourselves. Day after day, we use our feminine instincts to help us to remain authentic, dealing with everything life puts in our way. And happy about anything that fills our hearts with pleasure.

When it comes to having a smart wardrobe, feel better than good offers a wide range of basics and highlights that fit any closet, suitcase or lifestyle. Every season, our clothes set off your feminine charms to their best advantage and elegantly conceal any shortcomings.


And as multifaceted as we women are, the same can be said for the latest additions to our collection: inside and outside, when it comes to playing with style, the possibilities are endless.

Welcome to autumn: a smart, sophisticated basics collection awaits you with a virtually unlimited potential for combining, mixing and matching. Stunning, two-colour-reversible and light quilted coats are designed to keep you warm and fashionable this fall and winter.

All models in sustainable and sensibly limited editions, to ensure that we can go on creating timeless gems for you and continue producing in Switzerland.

I trust that suits you as much as it does me and look forward to welcoming you soon.

feel better than good

Best regards, Andrea Welti



Discover this year's looks for fall and winter



Customer and friend of the label
Livia Maag, Head of Marketing & Sales, Model, globetrotter and pilgrim

Photography Raphaela Pichler

Styling Kathrin Eckhardt
Shoes Leder-Asper & Stuart Weitzman, Zurich