One life, one leitmotif, one label

With her feel better than good label, Swiss designer Andrea Welti has gone her own way. She creates fashion that fits any woman's lifestyle, wherever she is, whatever she's doing: at home, on business, out and about or at festive occasions. Discover an uncomplicated way to look great and, true to the label, feel better than good.

Her cuts are full of finesse, soft, flattering and playful. They reveal just enough to trace the feminine silhouette. At feel better than good you'll find top-class fashion in modern designs, made from innovative materials of the finest quality that set standards and outlive trends. The entire collection offers a rich choice of timeless pieces, in colours you can combine to your heart's content.

And with her modular system The Care Collection she sets new standards in teamwear for staff in the hotel and spa sector.

Andrea Welti is a woman with vision, with a burning passion for the fashion she creates. These same qualities shine through when she advises clients one to one at her shop in Zurich's Seefeld district.

You can look forward to a special shopping experience in a relaxed ambience.